New single and video ‘Curtis’ by Nathan Johnston & Angels Of Libra

Oct 26th, 2022

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New single and video ‘Curtis’ by Nathan Johnston & Angels Of Libra

Following the release of first singles Angel Of Libra and All Your Love, Irish singer-songwriter Nathan Johnston and Hamburg-based soul outfit Angels of Libra proudly present a third taste of their upcoming album with single and video “Curtis (Do You Wanna Be A Star?)”.

“Curtis” introduces us to the idea of being ‘bold not safe’ and questioning one’s life choices, which sets the tone for the rest of the record from the very first time Johnston asks us: “Who are you, do you wanna be a star?/ Front page news, have you really worked that hard?”

The song also has a lot to do with self-doubt and trying to find a way to accept that there are always different paths ahead of us and it can be tough to decide which is the right one, sometimes we need guidance. In addition, it can be seen as an examination of what one could be – or more specifically, what one is NOT… and what being an artist means. Black or white. Gold or grey/Your appetite should be bold not safe / 9-5, you work all day, for what?”

The song’s title is a tribute to Curtis Mayfield, one of the most influential soul artists of all time, whose lyrics were particularly politically conscious in relation to African-American music and whose sound heavily inspired the sound of the record.

“Curtis (Do You Wanna Be A Star?)” out digitally on Oct 28th 2022 via Waterfall