Debut album ‘Peaceful Sound For Broken Minds’ by Sicilian producer Go.Soul.Map

at the intersection of pop, soul, jazz & disco

Global groove outfit London Afrobeat Collective drops 4th album ‘Esengo’

mixing afrobeat & hi life with funk, jazz & grooves

Bella Brown & The Jealous Lovers release new album ‘Soul Clap’

connecting the past and present of funk & soul

‘Roadmaps’, the debut of New Visionaries aka Joel Sarakula and Phil Martin

Sexy, cinematic, psychedelic, soul-pop grooves

Sicilian DJ / producer Galathea releases sophomore album ‘Sacred Love’

African, Balearic and Mediterranean inspirations

Best of 2023: all the music Willwork4funk pushed this year

funk soul jazz afro disco cinematic grooves

Duo TheEEs releases debut album ‘Temptations Of Sound’

cinematic sounds blending soul, reggae & psych

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