Video / single ‘All Your Love’ by Nathan Johnston & Angels Of Libra

Aug 19th, 2022

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Video / single ‘All Your Love’ by Nathan Johnston & Angels Of Libra

“All Your Love” is the second single from new Hamburg-based soul outfit Angels Of Libra in collaboration with Irish singer/songwriter Nathan Johnston. The song was born from a collection of instrumentals recorded by producer Dennis Rux and the Angels of Libra on a TASCAM 388 8-track tape recorder in a remote house outside Copenhagen, Denmark.

After hearing the band’s instrumental, Johnston wanted to put a modern twist to a traditional 60s-sounding soul tune. The vocal delivery & style was inspired by Anderson Paak – who is known to take old-school funk beats and phrases and superimposes them on top of modern r&b and hip hop soundscapes. The song is ultimately about the passion and lust that goes hand in hand with meeting someone new.

The vocals were recorded in Dennis Rux‘s Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios in Hamburg shortly before the studio was destroyed in a massive explosion. Luckily the resulting tapes survived the fire.

The music video was shot and directed by Max Wyllie at Komet Klub in Hamburg – where the ‘Komet Kollektiv’ gets its name and where a rum & coke is called a ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah Schorle’ after Rux‘s love for the Cuban classic. The video is a follow-up to the video for first single “Angel of Libra”– moving on from the black & white 1920s style to more of a 60s fashion featuring a performance from the band along with some trippy kaleidoscopic effects and ending with Johnston headed out for a stroll through the Reeperbahn and onto the Hamburg docks which is set to be continued…

“All Your Love” out digitally on August 19th 2022 via Waterfall Records