Video / single ‘Angel Of Libra’ by Nathan Johnston & Angels Of Libra

Jun 3rd, 2022

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Video / single ‘Angel Of Libra’ by Nathan Johnston & Angels Of Libra

Irish singer-songwriter Nathan Johnston and retro soul outfit Angels Of Libra have teamed up for a series fo recordings, the first of which is the moody and atmospheric single “Angel Of Libra”, out on Waterfall Records in anticipation of the upcoming album and accompanied by a black and white video.

“Angel Of Libra” is about a relationship on its last legs, when both parties know that it has come to a natural end but one person isn’t ready to let it go. The song is born from the idea that we are often too scared about the future and not knowing what comes next after we have spent some time being too comfortable with a situation. Nobody truly likes change and often we scream out when we know things are not going the way we thought they would.

For the video, director Max Wyllie was inspired by hit TV show ‘Peaky Blinders’ starring Cillian Murphy. The theme of the video draws from Tommy Shelby’s broken and fragile mind (after time spent in the trenches in WW1) and the loss of his wife Grace – our “Angel Of Libra”.

In mythology, the “Angel of Libra” – also known as ‘Zuriel’ is the regulator of forces – weighing their value and attempting to find balance. The video captures the themes of unrequited love and pain from the loss of a loved one in the form of a somewhat troubled man chasing the shadow of something that has already passed.

“Angel Of Libra” out digitally on June 3rd 2022 via Waterfall Records