Angels Of Libra


What they say…


“Original soul: analogue, crackling and convincing!”

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The Angels Of Libra are a 10-piece soul outfit from Hamburg with a high affinity to analog recording techniques, 60s soul revue concepts and film scores.

Born out of a recording session in a house in Denmark in which producer & guitarist Dennis Rux, keyboard player Chris Haertel, bassist David Nesselhauf and drummer Lucas Kochbeck spent two weeks writing and recording instrumental songs onto a 1980s TASCAM 388 8-track tape recorder, the project was originally intended to be a soul revue featuring various singers throughout the record. 

A few years previously, Rux had met Nathan Johnston at Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg while working on their own separate projects. In a search for new voices, Rux asked Johnston if he would like to feature as a vocalist on one of the songs from the Denmark recordings. As a challenge to his own songwriting abilities (with no instruction as to the lyrical content/vocal melodies and complete freedom of expression) Johnston accepted the offer and a few months later sent a demo to Rux of the newly titled track – “Angel Of Libra”

After hearing it, the band decided to name themselves after the song’s title.

The newly appointed Angels Of Libra made their debut in March 2021 with digital single “Kung Fu Noir”, a cinematic instrumental with mysterious vibes. Their first physical release however, came almost a year later, in February 2022, with double-sider 45 “Bless My Soul” / “Souvenir” on Légère Recordings, featuring music whiz Shawn Lee getting down over two modern soul steppers: A-side “Bless My Soul” is a dreamy funk track with a catchy hook, while the B side, “Souvenir” is a proper feel good soul number. 

In the meantime, the band enlisted Johnston to come to Rux’s ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah!’ studios in Hamburg to write and record a full length album, featuring 10 tracks of their own compositions reminiscent of Air, Khruangbin or Ennio Morricone

The first single off that album is the moody and seductive “Angel Of Libra” set for release on June 3rd 2022 with Berlin-based label Waterfall Records, soon to be followed by the full-length, and more surprises…. stay tuned!


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