Rhythm n blues in ‘Please Come Home’ by Maiiah & Angels Of Libra

Oct 6th, 2023

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Rhythm n blues in ‘Please Come Home’ by Maiiah & Angels Of Libra

“Please Come Home” is the latest single from the upcoming debut album by soul singer Maiiah in collaboration with Hamburg collective Angels of Libra. Together they express their love for old soul, rhythm & blues and the analog sound of the 60s, while Maiiah‘s longings and feelings are on full display in this track

As Maiiah herself states, “You can’t do things half-heartedly when you love”, and so in “Please Come Home” she goes full throttle, expressing the intense, honest and intransigent feelings that come from deep down in her core with no holds barred. She continues; “It doesn’t even matter where ‘home’ is, or where I wait, if I decide to wait for the man I love, then that is what I am gonna do.”

The spirited singer grew up as a child of guest workers in Düsseldorf, the city of the legendary Unique Club and label of the same name, which meant that soul left its mark on her early on. Her move to Hamburg and the collaboration with producer Dennis Rux and the Angels of Libra have now enabled her to realize her first solo record, a successful combination of to-the-point arrangements with tight horn sections and the spirit of the golden age of soul music.

Maiiah & Angels of Libra have already released five singles together: No No No (I’m So Broke), “Sunshine”, “Obey”, the cover of Barbara Lynn‘s classic I’m A Good Woman, and Balkan soul tune Kava, each which went on to receive praise from critics and music lovers alike.

“Please Come Home” out digitally on October 6th 2023 via Waterfall Records