Maiiah & Angels Of Libra cover Barbara Lynn’s ‘I’m A Good Woman’

Jun 26th, 2023

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Maiiah & Angels Of Libra cover Barbara Lynn’s ‘I’m A Good Woman’

“I’m A Good Woman”. This classic by Barbara Lynn has accompanied Maiiah ever since her old friend Henry Storch (Unique Records), who sadly passed away in 2018, once sent it to her as a consolation for her broken heart. Time and time again she was associated with the song and time and time again she brought it to the stage herself. Now it’s finally her turn to record her own tribute version, for her long-awaited debut album alongside Angels of Libra, for which there is a crowd-funding campaign taking place to finance the pressing and release until July 2nd.

In times of “Me Too”, the message of “I’m A Good Woman” seems particularly up to date. Without pointing the finger at anyone, the liberation of a tormented woman is described here. Emotional, angry, resolute, desperate, determined. Soul in its purest form.

Maiiah & Angels of Libra have already released three singles together: No No No (I’m So Broke), “Sunshine” and “Obey”, with which they have garnered international airplay and a well-attended club tour in Germany with Nathan Johnston this spring. With the announcement of their first joint album, which mixes deep funk, Northern soul and Balkan influences and which, except for this one track, will contain only originals, their next big thing is to follow.

The crowdfunding for the record can be supported at

“I’m A Good Woman” out digitally on June 30th 2023 via Waterfall Records