New retro soul stomper ‘No No No’ by Maiiah & Angels Of Libra

Oct 7th, 2022

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New retro soul stomper ‘No No No’ by Maiiah & Angels Of Libra

“No No No (I’m So Broke)” is the latest song to come out of the collection of soulful instrumentals recorded by producer Dennis Rux and his outfit Angels of Libra on a TASCAM 388 8-track in a remote house outside Copenhagen, Denmark. German songstress Maiiah was later invited to write and perform the vocals, which come from the heart, as she had to work many bad jobs to make a living, and still does.

Maiiah’s life as a singer began many moons ago in a Balkan Dance band called Las Balkanieras, with whom she toured all over Europe and Russia. She met Dennis Rux during the pandemic and he became the musical soul mate she needed, so she joined the Angels of Libra collective.

Maiiah & Angels Of Libra‘s first release together was “Obey”, which came out on Waterfall Records in 2021 and was labeled “one of the catchiest retro soul tunes of the year” by national German station Radioeins. This was followed up by Sunshine”, a sweet love song, in February 2022.

So retro soul stomper “No No No (I’m So Broke)” seems to hint there may be an album in the works…

“No No No (I’m So Broke)” out digitally on Oct. 7th 2022 via Waterfall Records