Young Italian band C’ammafunk releases new single ‘Thunder’

Dec 2nd, 2023

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Young Italian band C’ammafunk releases new single ‘Thunder’

Just over a year since the release of debut album Bouncing, Italian band C’ammafunk releases new single “Thunder”, whose title hints at the character of the track. Various musical and stylistic influences emerge, combining instrumental funk with mystic-psychedelic atmospheres that then flow into a rock-sounding finale.

“Thunder” is a track that encapsulates the past year of the band and of leader / drummer Matteo De Vito, who wanted to inaugurate the beginning of a new phase with this release.

Within the track symphonic influences clearly emerge, with the use of strings such as violins, cello and viola, played by Archangelo Michele Caso. This choice gives the composition a distinctive orchestral quality, a characteristic that is gradually becoming more and more established.

One element worth noting is the close friendship and musical collaboration between C’ammafunk and musician/producer Angelo Napoli, whose participation is significant in the creation of this single.

“Thunder” emphatically heralds the release of the band’s second album, due by spring 2025. This new work promises further musical explorations and is expected to continue to highlight the band from Campania’s artistic growth and versatility.

“Thunder” out on digital download on November 24th 2023 via IRMA Records