Debut album ‘Bouncing’ by up-and-coming Italian band C’ammafunk

Sep 7th, 2022

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Debut album ‘Bouncing’ by up-and-coming Italian band C’ammafunk

Young up-and-coming six-piece band C’ammafunk from Salerno, South Italy, are finally releasing their debut album Bouncing on IRMA Records.

Formed in 2018, C’ammafunk is a sextet that is characterized by an explosive and energetic sound, perfectly showcased in their debut full-length. With one foot firmly planted in the past and their eyes set on the future, this band is ready to introduce itself to the world with an album that draws from funk, jazz, hip hop and even rock and psych.

Bouncing owes its title to an expression the band uses frequently: “let the bounce be with you”, which encapsulates the group’s mission of creating captivating grooves and contagious feel-good music. The album was anticipated by two singles, uptempo funk burner Funkshovit and neo soul / rap blend Fly High feat. Canadian rapper L. Teez.

Elsewhere on the full-length you’ll find the fast-paced funk-fusion of “Pachyphytum”, or jazzy, instrumental hip hop vibes like in “DAM”, with its sophisticated Rhodes chord progressions. The album’s titletrack starts with a psychedelic intro which is then enriched by synths and effects, up to the final vamp that references rock sounds.

In “N.O.E.L (No One Escapes The Loop)” the band pays homage to James Brown, using samples, loops and a badass bass. “This Is What You Got” provides some lighthearted, uplifting vibes, using panned guitar to give the song a rollicking quality. And finally, “Dundalk” closes the album and highlights the solo skills of C’ammafunk’s rhythm section, while laying a hard-hitting and slightly psychedelic beat.

Irresistible grooves, fluid melodic lines and improvisation are what characterize C’ammafunk’s sound. Bouncing is not just the expression of this vision, but also a launching pad from which the band hopes to soar to new heights, thanks also to the collaboration with historical Italian Label IRMA Records.

From Salerno, to the world, C’ammafunk is ready to get you Bouncing!

‘Bouncing’ out on LP / CD / digital on September 9th 2022 via IRMA Records