TheEEs featuring Cappuccino of Jazzkantine in single ‘The Feel’

Oct 23rd, 2023

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TheEEs featuring Cappuccino of Jazzkantine in single ‘The Feel’

The fourth and final single to be extracted from TheEEs‘ debut album Temptations Of Sound is called “The Feel” and features German rapper and singer Cappuccino, who has been one of the defining voices of German hiphop-jazz-funk crossover act Jazzkantine since the 90s.

“The Feel” is an extremely positive soulful reggae tune that kicks off with a real talking Fender Rhodes piano. In it Cappuccino toasts over the relaxed roots rhythm, with jazzy inflections and echoes of dub, transporting the listener directly to the beach of a tropical destination during sundown.

This tune comes hot on the heels of previous singles Con Sentimientoin collaboration with Cubans Arema Arega and Regis Molina, Slight & Smallthat sees singer and actress Maike Jacobs on vocal duties, and Mother Earth with 20 year-old German-Nigerian singer Juliet Ada.

TheEEs made their debut with a smooth reggae remix of Bahama Soul Club’s hit single “Mango” in 2020, this was to be the beginning of a journey with many musical companions through different styles ranging from soul to latin, reggae, psych, acid jazz and trip hop to cinematic sounds as well as spoken word and hip hop interludes.

The wait is almost over…. stay tuned for the explosive debut album!

“The Feel” out digitally on October 20th 2023 via LOLA Records