What they say…


“Caribbean reggae vibes!”



TheEEsthe Eclectic Experiences – combine elements from the broad spectrum of 60s and 70s sounds ranging from soul, latin and afrobeat to reggae, psych and jazz, with a contemporary attitude and eclectic approach.

Music and sound surround us throughout our lives, they captivate our body and our brain, get absorbed, mixed and combine within us to form our individual sound language. Some sounds come and go, others stay with us forever.

TheEEs is the musical project of composers and producers Claus Hartisch and André Neundorf. After working for more than 10 years as the composer, co-producer, arranger and keyboardist for Bahama Soul Club and Kojato, in 2020 Neundorf started TheEEs with his brother from another mother, the composer, producer and guitarist Claus Hartisch (winner of Yamaha’s international “band explosion” contest).

The duo explores new musical possibilities and creates something unique: audible feelings and thoughts communicate with one another, becoming experiences, transcending individuality.

With a bit of luck, the record button will light up red and capture something magical. Sounds and beats weave patterns, moments become repeatable, perspectives become shareable – eclectic experiences.

TheEEs are supported by a collective of musicians with diverse artistic backgrounds such as Arema Arega, Juliet Ada, Reggie Worthy, Cappuccino, Maike Jacobs, Regis Molina, Holger Stonjek and Lars Plogschties, providing a great variety of colours in their musical network.

Their debut release was the reggae remix of Mango by Bahama Soul Club out in 2020, but fast forward a few years and there’s a whole album’s worth of material waiting to see the light of day and spread more eclectic experiences worldwide!


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