Latin jazz ‘Con Sentimiento’ by TheEEs, Arema Arega & Regis Molina

Jul 28th, 2023

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Latin jazz ‘Con Sentimiento’ by TheEEs, Arema Arega & Regis Molina

After working for more than 10 years as the composer, co-producer, arranger and keyboardist for Bahama Soul Club and Kojato, in 2020 André Neundorf started a new project called TheEEs with his brother from another mother, the composer, producer and guitarist Claus Hartisch (winner of Yamaha’s international “band explosion” contest).

TheEEs made their debut with a smooth reggae remix of Bahama Soul Club’s hit single “Mango” in 2020, this was to be the beginning of a journey with many musical companions through different styles ranging from soul to latin, reggae, psych, acid jazz and trip hop to cinematic sounds as well as spoken word and hip hop interludes. A very personal and unique collage of elements from the broad spectrum of the 60s and 70s, mixed with a contemporary attitude – in short, pure eclectic experiences!

Now in 2023, this musical stew will be made audible to the world, starting with the first single “Con Sentimiento”, a collaboration with long-time friend and TheEE‘s fiercely adored singer Arema Arega and Cuban instrumentalist extraordinaire Regis Molina on flute and congas. A Summery homage to the latin rock of the 70s mixed with jazzy elements and psychedelic soul.

And stay tuned for more tropical grooves coming from this exciting new outfit!

“Con Sentimiento” out digitally on July 28th 2023 via LOLA Records