Second double-sider 45 for German Hammond organ quartet Kidding

Mar 5th, 2024

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Second double-sider 45 for German Hammond organ quartet Kidding

Kidding is one of the younger kids in the big ‘Komet Kollektiv’ family, which is a bunch of musicians and bands that record at the Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios in Hamburg, sometimes referred as “the wrecked crew” – especially the day after hanging out at Komet Music Bar.

Kidding met in 2020 at the Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios to record a few tracks: organist Andreas Paparrousos and guitarist Legbo knew that they had to write and play something together, something dirty, old school and mad. Therefore the choice was pretty clear – Lucas Kochbeck on drums and Tim Ertl on bass, the rhythm section approved by Diazpora, The Mighty Mocambos and the Bacao Rhythm And Steel Band – completed the lineup.

And the tape rolled…

As the guys are pretty serious about Kidding, their first singles were R U Kidding? and Am I Kidding?, which were mixed by Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds) and released as a double-sider 45 on Burning Sole and Color Red Music in August 2022.

“It’s a full frontal assault!”, “two slices of infectious Hammond funk that get down and dirty”, “is one of the heaviest, wildest and most energetic organ funk workouts we’ve heard in a while” – such were the beautiful reviews that showed the band they’re kind of on the right track and that all the critics loved the tunes in UK, or at least those who noticed the release.

This time Kidding goes out on a limb with the second single, adding some contrast and approaching risky areas. So, please note the warning from 45live (Baz Hickey) before continuing: “This band are a bunch of kidders, constantly pulling the wool over people’s eyes and leading them up the garden path.” With this in mind…

On the A-side Kidding takes four-on-the-floor beat “Seriously” (believe it or not)

B-side is a proclamation of love to the second home of the gang, Komet Musik Bar, entitled “Komet Ride”.

Once again there are two labels behind this release: Burning Sole Records provides the vinyl 7’’ (black and white), and Waterfall Records launches the digital single.

Enjoy, and keep on kidding!

“Seriously” out on 45 / Digital on Feb. 26th 2024 via Burning Sole / Waterfall