Hammond organ quartet Kidding makes debut with double-sider 45

Aug 15th, 2022

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Hammond organ quartet Kidding makes debut with double-sider 45

Kidding is just something that was meant to happen sooner or later.

Having shared the stage several times, Andreas Paparrousos and Legbo knew that they had to do something together – dirty, old school, and as mad as possible.

In February 2020, the duo got together on Hammond organ and guitar, joined by Lucas Kochbeck on drums and Tim Ertl on bass, and recorded their first tracks as a quartet at the legendary Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios in Hamburg.

Once rough mixes were ready, Legbo asked Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds) if the music was something that Color Red would consider releasing, and the answer was:

“I think these tunes could work, but for me, the production is too clean.. How would you feel about sending me the multi-tracks and letting me mix them?… see if you like what I do?”

Dyeahmn, yessss! Is there anything better that could happen to your tracks?

So here you have it: mixed by Eddie Roberts, powered by one of the world’s funkiest rhythm section (approved and used by Diazpora, The Mighty Mocambos and Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band), wrecked by Legbo’s guitars and set ablaze by Andreas Paparrousos’ Hammond organ, the self-ironic debut “R U Kidding?” / “Am I Kidding?” has landed.

Enjoy, and keep on kidding!

“R U Kidding?” out on 45 / digi on Aug 15th 2022 via Burning Sole / Color Red