Renegades Of Jazz releases 5th album ‘Sonic Verve’ on his own label

Sep 30th, 2022

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Renegades Of Jazz releases 5th album ‘Sonic Verve’ on his own label

Having released the last album under the alias Renegades Of Jazz in 2019, David Hanke finally returns with 5th full-length Sonic Verve, out on his own Bathurst Music label.

Sonic Verve takes the listener on a journey from swinging big-band breaks to darker brass band boogies, from afrofunk-inspired breakbeats to tropical treats. With this album Hanke opens a new chapter, exploring the depths of broken beat and the more electronic side of jazz.

The 12-track-strong album sees Hanke collaborating with Copenhagen-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Teis Ortved on album opener “Room for Hope”, a slow-moving but energetic piano-driven song that features the unmistakeable saxophone playing of the Danish newcomer.

In Just Stirred, which was the first single extracted from the album, Hanke collaborates with UK producer Jonathan Radford aka Diesler, and the duo call on the soulful vocals of songstress Laura Vane for this uptempo Rhodes and synth-led tune.

Next up is “Honey Badger”, a catchy good-vibe breakbeat on the more electronic side of things, coupling slinky and quirky electronic bits and chords over a midtempo beat with a funny hi-hat pattern… sorry if it makes you lush.

“Look Around” features the vocals of Oakland-based MC Mani Draper who absorbs the creative spirit and musical history of the Bay Area and infuses this essence into his lyrics, Draper time! “Look Around” is about the daily overload we are all exposed to and the associated risks that come with it.

“Jetsome” blends a house-ish beat, with chopped Rhodes chords over a sub-bass pattern, building peaks with several raw-sounding valve Rhodes melodies.

Another Bay area artist that appears on the album is MC/Songwriter/producer Chelsea Monet, who calls on us to invest in love, family friends and mental health rather than solely material possessions in Invested, the second single that was lifted from the album.

“Overpass” features Seattle-based drummer Andy Sells over electronic chords and synth sequences, with classic basslines and horns defending jazz. Sells and Renegades Of Jazz connected after Hanke sampled Afrocop, a band Sells plays in, for his 2017 album released under the moniker of Dem Juju Poets for Agogo Records.

Finally, “Reveries in Blue” closes the album, starting with a steel drum intro and going into a smooth and laid-back sunset feeling, some piano and synth interplay here and some mellow Rhodes and synth leads there, nothing more is needed.

‘Sonic Verve’ out on LP / CD / Digital on Sep. 30th 2022 via Bathurst