David Hanke


What they say…

“Authentic music to make asses shake on dance floors all over the world. Get out there and move!





German producer / DJ David Hanke is the talented artist behind Renegades of Jazz, Mankoora (alongside Loopez on piano & organ and Alexander “Newton” Bednasch on bass & guitar), and his latest incarnation Dem Juju Poets.

Raw and heavy music fusing elements of jazz with breakbeat have characterized his sound as Renegades Of Jazz, while Mankoora focused on uptempo latin funk and Dem Juju Poets delves into David‘s love for African rhythms. With releases for Smoove‘s label Wass Records, German imprint Agogo Records, French label Krimi Records, and many more, David has truly been ubiquitous in the contemporary funk movement.

His discography runs several albums and numerous singles deep, and he has remixed the likes of The Bahama Soul ClubJungle FireBrownoutBajkaHidden Jazz QuartettTom EnoOriol VandelaHerma PumaNick Pride & The PimptonesBasement FreaksEnsemble Du VerreTimaxSavages Y SufeoSattaRay Harris & The Fusion ExperienceZero 7Kid Loco and so many more that it’s hard to keep count.

2016 was the year that saw him develop a new project, Dem Juju Poets, from now on the channel through which he will focus on afro-inspired music, drawing from his early years spent in Tanzania and the musical influences he experienced there. Watch out as he takes the world by storm under this novel moniker, under which he has already released a taste of what’s to come!


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