New psych soul single by Angels of Libra feat. Nathan Johnston

Feb 24th, 2023

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New psych soul single by Angels of Libra feat. Nathan Johnston

Having proven themselves worthy of sweet soul, Northern bangers, and trippy instrumentals, the Angels of Libra now leave all earthly matters behind and focus on the otherworldly for their second album, titled Revelations and scheduled for release on March 17th 2023.

The first tune to be revealed from the new full-length is the titletrack “Revelations”, featuring Irish singer-songwriter Nathan Johnston, who took the role of lead singer in the Angels‘ debut album Nathan Johnston & The Angels Of Libra released in 2022.

“Revelations” is about the pressures of the modern world, current social problems and the looming, often terrifying issue of climate change and the environmental catastrophe that humanity is facing in the years ahead. It is apparent that most of the world blindly goes on living and doing what they can to make money and survive – which is all they can do because of the capitalist system that makes it harder and harder for the working class to live a comfortable life. It often seems that the powers that be are overlooking these issues as the rich get richer and the middle class gets wiped out. This song is something of a call to many people to open their minds to what is going on and stand up for what is right – even if that means having to make sacrifices and adjust their lifestyles along the way. There has never been a more crucial time in our history, nor has there been as important a cause as this – and we have a duty to this world to come together and work as one to make a change. That means stepping up and educating our friends, families, children and colleagues in any way we can. Let us stand together in the face of adversity – let us break the borders of inequality to work as one and let us not let our governments hide away from the truth. It’s our fight and our right that we don’t let them.

“Revelations” out via digital download on February 24th on Waterfall Records