Bahama Soul Club


What they say…

“Such a vivid, crisp, full-bodied and outrageously entertaining sound!”




Bahama Soul Club are a German outfit whose unique blend of soul, jazz, funk, blues, bossanova, afro and Caribbean influences has firmly put them on the map as one of the most exciting contemporary outfits.

Led by Oliver Belz, the band started in 2005 under the name of The Juju Orchestra. The first 45 was double-sider “Kind Of Latin Rhythm”“Funky Nassau” released in 2006, which became a huge worldwide success, going straight to N.1 on the German club charts and staying there for more than 12 weeks. The album that soon followed, Bossa Nova Is Not A Crime, was released in 2007 with guest vocals from soul-jazz crooner Terry Callier, Carolyn Leonhart, from Steely Dan and the lovely Katia B from Sao Paulo, whose cut became a smash hit in the worldwide club jazz scene and again reached the official media control Jazz Charts #2.

In 2008 for legal reasons the band’s name was changed to Bahama Soul Club and their first album under this name came out as Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz, following up on the outstanding success of The Juju Orchestra. They definitely hit the mark once again with the incredible appearance of guests like french chanteuse Isabelle Antena from Nouvelle Vague and Mrs. Pat Appleton from DePhazz. 2010 marks the release of the second Bahama Soul Club album, “Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky” with guest singers Xantoné Blacq from Amy Winehouse Band, British shooting star John Turrell, Kojato and again Pat Appleton, just to name a few. It soon became the band’s biggest success with radio features on ALL german public radio stations and countless “CD of the month” / “Album of the year” features worldwide, along with many Chart entries.

2013 saw the band release their third album, The Cuban Tapes, an exotic blend of Cuban rhythms and tropical flavors, executed with the trademark Bahama Soul Club style. This full-length once again featured a host of talented vocal guests such as Danay SuarezArema Arega & Telmary Diaz from the contemporary Cuban scene, 3 generations of American soul singers Bessie Smith, Spanky Wilson and Ruthie Foster, and Anna Luca from Club Des Belugas.

3 years later, in 2016, fourth full-length Havana ’58 was released, a musical homage to Cuba’s roaring years before the revolution. As has become customary with BSC releases, this too featured esteemed guests, from vocal quartet Sexto Sentido, to the vivacious Olvido Ruiz, and of course once again lovely Cuban singer-songwriter Arema Arega.

Bohemia After Dawn was released in 2020, with 12 sun-soaked, laid back tracks, recorded from the band’s new home in Algrave, Portugal, where they relocated. This album draws deep inspiration from the multicultural verve of young worldly folk drawn to the Bohemian coasts of the most southwestern part of Europe, where hippie-esque hedonism, infinite musical diversity, and offbeat enchanted lifestyles fuel the scene.

Now 5 albums deep and with fans worldwide clamouring for more, in 2023 the time has come for new music, which Bahama Soul Club promptly delivers in the form of a new single. hinting at the possibility of an album on the way…


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