‘Till I Landed’ by Bahama Soul Club & Portuguese singer Tiago Saga

Mar 30th, 2023

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‘Till I Landed’ by Bahama Soul Club & Portuguese singer Tiago Saga

German-born, Portugal-based outfit Bahama Soul Club have teamed up with Portuguese artist Tiago Saga for the third taste of their upcoming album with new single “Till I Landed”, a happy-go-lucky roots-tinged tune sung in both English and Portuguese.

With a voice like velvet, at once engaging and even entrancing, Tiago Saga is the perfect match for BSC’s grooving instrumentals, organically switching from English to Portuguese and back again on this chilling Hula skank. Loose dabs of Hawaiian influences blend with alluring reggae chops.

“Til I Landed” is so very different, so uniquely present. It’s not strictly reggae, but it offers its own kind of roots transcendence. The chatty burble of the bassline and the sophisticated arrangements of the guitars hold an exotic fascination. On top of that, the enchanting Maisha ennobles this sun-flooded image with angelic choirs. Like a gentle breeze, discreet but indispensable. Perfect to warm up to for the coming summer days. It’s impossible to listen to this song without gleaming of joy!

Tiago Saga is an original fusion of British, Lebanese and Spanish descent brought up in Portugal. Whilst studying music composition at the University of Sussex, he created a hybrid style of folk and world music with influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Ali Farke Toure. His music navigates deep topics, yet always delivering it with lightheartedness that has captured audiences all around the world.

“Till I Landed” out digitally on March 31st 2023 via Buyu Records