Third studio album ‘Showdown’ by The Mighty Mocambos is here

Mar 13th, 2015

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Third studio album ‘Showdown’ by The Mighty Mocambos is here

Germany’s funkiest outfit The Mighty Mocambos set another cornerstone in their prolific career as a globally active instrumental funk outfit with new album “Showdown”, the third for this band. While maintaining their organic approach of recording real musicians live on tape, the group has refined their trademark sound with a dramatic edge and hard hitting production as it ventures into less obvious musical territories.

While highly enjoying themselves as the tight unit they are, The Mighty Mocambos invited an exciting list of guests to contribute to their musical “Showdown”: iconic German film composer Peter Thomas, hip hop godfather Afrika Bambaataa, rap legends Charlie Funk aka Afrika Islam (member of the original Rocksteady Crew) and Donald D (of Ice-T‘s Rhyme Syndicate), plus Nichola Richards, Shawn Lee, DeRobert from peer label GED Soul in Nashville, Zulu Nation MCs Deejay Snoop & DJ Hektek and organ genius Guillaume Metenier all joined the group for their new musical adventure.

With two highly successful albums under their belt as The Mighty Mocambos and a plethora of singles and music under different monikers such as the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, this new full-length is by no means the final battle, indeed the show has just begun. The album shows a group who is prepared to stand up to anyone in the game. Their guns are heavy beats, epic horns, dual guitars and outstanding compositions – and they are locked and loaded.

The “Showdown” theme reflects our times, and the group continues to spread the vision of “peace, unity, love and having fun(k)” by choosing musical instruments as their weapons of choice. From old school discofied breakdance tune “It’s The Music” to funked up Rolling Stones cover “Hot Stuff” (which were previously released as vinyl singles and both playlisted by the BBC), to sister funk tune “In The Dark” featuring young soul singer Nichola Richards, or  the low down funk beat of “Not Get Caught” with DeRobert from DeRobert & the Half Truths telling a story about committing a crime, the selection on hand is coherent as it is varied.

Taken all together, “Showdown” ended up sounding like The Mighty Mocambos with more trumpets, which it actually is, and which is brilliant.

“Showdown” out on CD/LP/Digi on March 27th via Mocambo / Légère