The Planetoids drop new electro pop video & single ‘My Only Religion’

Jan 26th, 2021

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The Planetoids drop new electro pop video & single ‘My Only Religion’

Following the incredible amount of love & support for their previous releases, German band The Planetoids is back to take electro-pop to celestial heights with brand new video and single “My Only Religion”, out in anticipation of their upcoming EP “Fuchsia” dropping in Spring.

The globe started catching onto The Planetoids‘ cosmic vibes in 2019, with the release of their “Indigo” EP, the first in a 4 part ‘color’ series that continued with EP “Canary” the same year, followed by Scarlet” in 2020. The fourth and final part of the series is “Fuchsia”, another vibrant addition to the band’s palette of sound, scheduled for digital release on March 5th.

Led by catchy lead single “My Only Religion” out in January, the journey towards the “Fuchsia” EP begins immediately with this sparkling and irresistible slice of electro-pop that perfectly displays The Planetoids‘ energetic sound and upbeat style. The single is accompanied by an animated video by visual artist Tarik Badaoui who captures the vibrant energy of the tune with a colorful and captivating collage-style animation of zany characters in space.

As sonically dazzling as it is genuinely substantial, “My Only Religion” reveals how committed The Planetoids truly are to creating music designed to move hearts & minds through sincerity, passion, and undeniably addictive, uplifting audio entertainment. Join The Planetoids as they launch “My Only Religion” straight into the stratosphere of your speakers, and brace for more amazing adventures to follow with the official release of another neon dose of their hybrid indie/disco/pop sound with the “Fuchsia” EP in March!

“My Only Religion” out Digitally on January 22nd via Live Talent Records