The Planetoids










Hailing from Mars via Hannover, 4-piece indie-disco-pop band The Planetoids has been transmitting its sonic frequencies across the galaxy since 2014.

Astronomers throughout the universe agree: The Planetoids are already leading the intergalactic charts on Mars, Venus and Jupiter and are in the top 10 on every planet in our galaxy… except for one. The only planet that has not caught up with the trend yet is the 4th rock from the sun, known as earth.

The Planetoids were first spotted on this small blue-green planet in 2014. The foursome crash landed their spaceship in Hannover, Germany (don’t drink and fly), but have since been working on increasing their cosmic reach by making people dance all the way between the UK, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany of course, and beyond. The band has played more than 100 shows over the last three years, between intimate club gigs and huge open air festivals, proving that in a world of digital depression, there’s still a need for happy, groovy, organic and analog music.

Musically, the band offers a very high level of musicianship, and will take listeners on a journey somewhere between Phoenix, Tame Impala and Katy Perry with a beard, with inevitable excursions into the realms of funk, 80s synth pop and the glitter of a disco ball in deep space. To put things in a way that humans can understand, they describe their sound as Indie/Disco/Pop – but only because “lots of fun” apparently doesn’t qualify as a musical genre amongst humans. Whatever you want to call it, the result is a blast of energy that will make your hips shake and your heart skip a beat.

The Planetoids self-produced their debut record in 2017, and are currently working on a concept project consisting of four EPs, accompanied by a bunch of highly thought-out music videos. The fourth and last of these EPs, “Fuchsia”, will be deployed on humanity on March 5th, 2021, with the lead single “My Only Religion” making an early appearance on January 22nd.

One small step for The Planetoids, two steps to the right and two steps to the left and three to cha-cha-cha for humankind.


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