Second Album ‘Sunny Holiday in Lexico’ by Lexsoul Dancemachine

Mar 23rd, 2018

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Second Album ‘Sunny Holiday in Lexico’ by Lexsoul Dancemachine

Inspired by the golden sands of Lexico Island, where the sun never sets, “Sunny Holiday In Lexico” is a 10-track postcard by Estonian funk & soul crew Lexsoul Dancemachine. These latin funk and tropic disco delights were recorded when the band took the night flight towards the palm trees and colorful cocktails of the Coconuts resort in Lexico.

Irresistibly catchy first single “Coconuts” was released digitally in July of 2016. After stunning the region’s crowds with a unique sound and exotic feel it took off abroad, receiving air time on BBC 2 & BBC 6, support from the funk-soul-disco communities throughout Europe and topping local radio charts. Due to popular demand it was eventually released on vinyl as 7″ “Coconuts” / “Feriado Tropical” ahead of the official worldwide release of the new album on Funk Embassy Records in March 2018.

The 10 tunes that compose “Sunny Holiday In Lexico” are like snapshots of the island. Opener “Lexico” immediately welcomes you to a lush tropical paradise with its blend of funk and latin rhythms such as calypso & samba. “Feriado Tropical” is a sleazy Brazilian boogie number to wear your coolest sunglasses to. Latin funk workout “Domingo” adds splashes of psych-rock before breaking down into an Eric Burdon & War -like verse that sets the perfect mood for cruising local bars.

In latin-flavored boogie-disco mover “Jewels Wrapped In Paper” slap bass and organ create a hypnotic groove that ends with an 80s style rap. The full-length proceeds with the dizzying beat of “Tsunami”, an uptempo slab of disco-boogie from which there’s no escape. While “Trans Lexico Express” takes the listener from the jungle to the beach with more tropical rhythms, island vibes and deep spoken vocals à la Isaac Hayes.

This is Lexsoul Dancemachine‘s second album, the follow-up to their breakthrough debut “Deus Lex Machina” from December 2015. “Sunny Holiday in Lexico” was originally released locally on CD and Digital download in November 2017 alongside 7″ “Coconuts” / “Feriado Tropical”, but it will see the light of day on vinyl for the first time with added BONUS TRACK “Flight” with the official worldwide release on CD, LP, & Digital download on March 28th 2018!

“Sunny Holiday in Lexico”out Mar 28 on CD/LP/Digi via Funk Embassy