Saudade do Brasil in single ‘Sempre Amor feat. Elan Rhys’ by Rio 18

Jun 7th, 2024

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Saudade do Brasil in single ‘Sempre Amor feat. Elan Rhys’ by Rio 18

Three years after their remarkable collaboration with Carwyn Ellis on album Yn Rio, Rio 18 returns with new single “Sempre Amor feat. Elan Rhys”. This release promises a bold musical exploration, remaining faithful to their unique Brazilian style. Fans are eagerly awaiting this new stage in the group’s artistic evolution.

Let’s escape! And let’s get down!! The incredible voice of Elan Rhys takes us away for a secret romantic rendezvous out of the city and into the wide beyond. A perfect summer blend of Italo Disco and Brazilian Samba pop (the title is in Portuguese), this one is guaranteed to get you dancing and dreaming all night long. “Sempre Amor” is the new single by Rio 18, the multi-national collective of Welsh singer, songwriter and musician Carwyn Ellis, mixing Portuguese and English to a perfect summer disco-pop cocktail.

Since Rio 18’s inception in 2018, on the suggestion of Chrissie Hynde when he toured South America as a member of the Pretenders, Carwyn Ellis has been on a voyage of musical discovery through the styles of that continent, releasing three albums along the way including the acclaimed album Yn Rio. Love, always love. Sempre Amor

“Sempre Amor” out digitally on June 7th 2024 via Légère Recordings