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Now firmly based in Northern Ireland, Hammond organ trio The Organauts, were drawn together in 2015 by a bond that stretched from Belfast to Belgium. Musicians Jeroen, Eleanor and Chipper let the 60s jazz milieu and legendary artists such as Booker T. & The M.G.’s, Brian Auger and The Sonics influence their unique blend of funk and soul.

The Organauts have performed their intoxicating mix of instrumental soul, funk, garage and rock ‘n roll to audiences spanning Ireland, UK and Europe, opening for legendary acts such as Smoove & Turrell and The Link Quartet.

Having mesmerized audiences with their infectious energy on stage, The Organauts aim to capture this on record and have been hard at work in the studio to bring to light their debut single, a bombastic rendition of “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer. The track was quickly snatched up by nascent label Superfly Funk & Soul Records, an extension of the Superfly Funk & Soul Events in Belfast and Superfly Funk & Soul Radio Show on The Face Radio Brooklyn and Belfast fm.

Having landed a partnership with an exciting new record label and with debut single “I Feel Love” ready for pre-order here, watch as The Organauts make their entrance on the international scene with a bang!


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