The 7 Day Weekend

What they say…


“If the sound of film is something that you fancy, then The 7 Day Weekend should be something that you explore with eyes closed and fully immersed!”

Skeme Richards (Rock Steady Crew)


Born from and influenced by the sounds and compositions of 60s and 70s film scores, multi-instrumentalists Alan Evans & Kris Yunker combine their song writing and production aesthetic to create what they describe as ‘electrorganic music’. The journey their music takes you on is The 7 Day Weekend.

Alan Evans is a founding member of USA band Soulive and renowned as one of the best drummers in the modern funk / soul-jazz world. With Soulive he has released a string of acclaimed albums and toured the world, selling out headline shows and opening tours for The Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer. He also has enjoyed success with Ae3 aka the Alan Evans Trio, as well as being also an in-demand studio owner, producer and partner in the Vintage League Music label.

Yunker is an acclaimed keyboard player and composer – he has enjoyed success with funk outfits such as On The Spot Trio and Ae3, as well as with Jen Durkin And The BusinessWubakia and as a sideman for numerous other artists. With his unique style,  Yunker has been steadily rising the ranks in the music scene.

The 7 Day Weekend‘s debut, self-titled album came out in 2020 on Vintage League Music and is a luscious collection of 11 instrumentals drawing equally from the sonic landscapes of Galt McDermot as it does from those of J-Dilla. The outfit followed up with their first vocal track, Show & Tell in 2022 that featured Nephrok! and took a more neo soul direction, with modern hiphop-style production.

For their latest release, single High, they have teamed up with Boston-native Sonya Rae Taylor on vocals, to lay out a buttery groove that gives a taste of their highly anticipated album Dream Fantastic to be released on High Wire Records, a division of Vintage League Music.


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