Nu jazz outfit Bahama Soul Club invite you to ‘Bohemia After Dawn’

Jul 15th, 2020

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Nu jazz outfit Bahama Soul Club invite you to ‘Bohemia After Dawn’

After an endless time of silence around German nu-jazz outfit Bahama Soul Club, they’re finally back to spoil us with their uber-cool vibe and a new album! Bohemia After Dawn is the soundtrack of a lifestyle compiled in 12 sun-soaked songs, laid back and lovely, matured and mellow, recorded from the band’s new home in Algrave, Portugal.

Bahama Soul Club’s 5th album draws deep inspiration from the multicultural verve of young worldly folk drawn to the Bohemian coasts of the most southwestern part of Europe, where hippiesque hedonism, infinite musical diversity, and offbeat enchanted lifestyles fuel the scene.

As is customary in a BSC release, Bohemia After Dawn breathes new life into previously recorded material,  resuscitating vintage vocal excerpts from various legendary singers. 2018 saw the release of single Never Roam No More featuring the legendary John Lee Hooker, while Aint Nobody’s Business featuring Billie Holiday hit the scene in 2019. The album also includes another real legend, Sister Wynona Carr, on “Tears Run Down”.

Increasingly during production of the album the band became aware of the amazing complexity of local artists, talented individuals to be found performing all day and night in the bars and near the beaches of Algarve. It would take more than a couple of albums to bring these troubadours together. So there are exciting ideas for the future!

For this full-length there’s an eclectic selection of local talent, from Josephine Nightingale who appears in “Mercy Me” to Taly Minkov-Louzeiro who sings in “Troubles all be gone”. The last track on the album “Castelejo” is an homage to the late Vitor Hugo, and features Rui Correia on accordion and vocals by Cutty Wren and Hedvig Larsson. These artists are from the neighborhood, quite literally across the lane. What a blessing, what a discovery!

Last but not least… One of the most exciting voices in the Bahama Soul Club family so far… an ongoing love, Cuban artist Arema Arega is somewhat a permanent feature and shows her talents in Mango and “Alma Sola”. Add to the mix two spicy remixes from the masters of the scene: Mighty Club des Belugas and SMOOVE himself! Nuff said.

Bohemia After Dawn, matured for 4 sunny years, doesn’t say “Hey, please like me”. It is just there, in its simple beauty, unobtrusive yet quietly confident. Every song shaped to the max, no compromises. Promise!

“Bohemia After Dawn” out on CD / LP / Digital on July 17th via Buyu Records