New x-mas anthem and video ’24th/7′ by Swiss powerhouse ReFunk

Dec 5th, 2019

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New x-mas anthem and video ’24th/7′ by Swiss powerhouse ReFunk

Following the release of their debut album BorderLine in March of 2019, Swiss powerhouse Re:Funk is back with a song specifically penned to walk you through this jolly time of year! “24th/7″ is a funky midtempo Xmas anthem that resembles the likes of classics from The Jackson 5 and is accompanied by a funny video that will surely give you a chuckle. The track is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on bandcamp today December 6th and today only, so grab it while you can!

When asked to describe the song the band said:

“Have you ever thought about how Santa feels when he goes through all that trouble just to bring us a few hours of joy? I mean, he does work all year around for a few hours of satisfaction and then goes back to work right after that because we demand him to do it… thinking of it, have you ever thought how overpopulation is affecting his schedule and the work environment for those poor little elves?! I mean… they do all the hard work… do they get minimum wage? Is there a pension plan in place for them? Do Elves even get older or what? I imagine they might get sick every once in a while… do the get sick days or have some sort of medical insurance? Does it cover dental? ‘Cause I mean… all that candy…

Right! The song! Sorry about that…

The point is: we thought about all this and the result of that thought process is an unfiltered stream of consciousness from the big guy in red himself aka Santa Baby. 

Don’t take it too seriously though… or do if you want, it’s up to you! Just know that we made it because, looking at how the world is going right now, we thought that these were words that really needed to be said.  And we also hope you’ll enjoy it. But that goes without saying (but we said it nevertheless).”

“24th/7” out on Digital download on December 6th via ReFunk Records