New video ‘No Words’ by Bahama Soul Club feat. Brenda Boykin

Oct 24th, 2016

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New video ‘No Words’ by Bahama Soul Club feat. Brenda Boykin

In anticipation of upcoming new album “Havana ’58”, German latin jazz and soul combo Bahama Soul Club present the video to first single “No Words” feat. American soul star Brenda Boykin.

“No Words” picks up exactly where previous video “Ay Jona” left off, once again with breath-taking pictures of the most deliriously beautiful movie ever made: “I Am Cuba”, directed in 1964 by Mikhail Kalatozov and presented in the 90s by Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese. The rights owners‚ The Cuban Institute of Cinematography, were deeply impressed by the quality of the new music and agreed to combine it with the award winning footage and give it that genuine Cuban patina.

With this new full-length Bahama Soul Club continue to develop the path shaped in previous albums “The Cuban Tapes” (2013) and “Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz” (2010). Blending Afro-Cuban jazz, bossa, a 60s cinematic sound and exotica, “Havana ’58” is destined to take the listener on a spin of Cuba’s roaring years, before the revolution took place.

“Havana ’58” out Nov. 10th on CDDigi and Dec. 9th on LP via Buyu Records