Single / video ‘Verkackt’ by German musical mastermind Erobique

Apr 17th, 2023

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Single / video ‘Verkackt’ by German musical mastermind Erobique

“Verkackt” is the first single from German musical mastermind Erobique‘s long awaited album No. 2, a collection of soulful electrorganic tunes which will be released on June 16th on double vinyl, CD and digital.

“Verkackt” is the ultimate hymn for losers. For the pub break after the home defeat, for the sack with the divorce lawyers or for the cheerful group picture (without a lady) after the climate conference. Literally distilled down to the essentials, refusal pointless.

A melody as if fallen from eternity, a rhythm as if driven on a rim. The trumpets of Jericho pop right out of the big Saturday night TV show. Hard rock guitars with some Rondo Veneziano thrown in for good measure – and everybody’s singing along. This tune is frighteningly catchy, especially in combination with the underperformance discussed in the lyrics.

“Verkackt” should definitely find its way into the capsule off to Mars together with the most important human messages for extraterrestrial existences to listen to after we are all gone.

Erobique is none other than Carsten Meyer, whose credentials run deep and go from composing music for films and TV shows to playing keys in groups like The Hamburg Spinners, or International Pony, to releasing various albums as a solo artist.

“Verkackt” out via digital download on April 14th 2023 via Mr. Mellow’s Music