Italian jazz quartet Blue Moka release second album ‘Enjoy’

Feb 22nd, 2023

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Italian jazz quartet Blue Moka release second album ‘Enjoy’

Italian Hammond quartet Blue Moka releases new album Enjoy, with 8 instrumental tracks blending modern jazz, soul, funk, electronic music and dreamy indie soundscapes.

Having already made a name for itself as one of Italy’s most distinctive, creative and talented post-bop projects, Blue Moka is now ready to conquer international shores with its second full-length, Enjoy.

Album opener “Enjoy Enjoy” immediately sets the mood with its toe-tapping, easygoing energy. The same energy the band has become famous for live, and that inspired uptempo Hammond burner “Lotus Night”, composed with the declared intent of getting the audience to move.

From the driving jazz-funk grooves of “What Happened” to the psych influences of “Fill The Void”, the soulful vibes of “Homeland”, or the 70s jazz-rock inspirations of “Touww”, the band’s original compositions reveal a broad palette of references that have been internalized and reprocessed into something quite unique.

This is further proven by the two covers present on the album. Blue Moka pay homage to Massive Attack with their rendition of “Teardrop”, in which a haunting sax takes place of the vocals. And the band also makes George Gershwin’s jazz standard “A Foggy Day” its own, with a touch of playfulness and irony.

Enjoy is an album that first and foremost wants to express joy. The evident joy the members of Blue Moka feel when playing together, captured on record, and served fresh for the most discerning ears.

‘Enjoy’ out via digital download on February 24th 2023 via RNC Music