Hot Border Special’s afro-latin-funk single ‘Fresher Under Pressure’

Jun 25th, 2021

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Hot Border Special’s afro-latin-funk single ‘Fresher Under Pressure’

German label Golden Rules has been steadily releasing a stream of digital singles in anticipation of their upcoming vinyl sampler, now unfortunately postponed due to delays in the pressing plant. In spite of the unsure release date of the compilation, the label just couldn’t wait to share the latest track to be lifted from it, “Fresher Under Pressure” by London outfit Hot Border Special.

“Fresher Under Pressure” is an irresistible uptempo number that is the perfect backdrop for any party on the beach. A little space echo intro brings in the driving percussion and picking guitar which turn into a dancing dream machine of South American rhythm exposures surrounded by organs, more space echo and breaks and guitar leads. Moving!

Hot Border Special formed in 2014 with the goal to create an exciting and explosive mix of funk, rock, soul, latin and afro featuring a tight, raw and funky rhythm section, soaring guitars and heavy keys. Their reputation as a fierce live band is backed up by their two studio LP’s – the eponymously titled Hot Border Special and second release Are You Ready? which takes the listener on a psychedelic trajectory into funk rock.

“Fresher Under Pressure” out on Digital download on June 25th via Golden Rules