‘HangOut’ with Bahama Soul Club, Hedvig Larsson & Cutty Wren

Jan 24th, 2023

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‘HangOut’ with Bahama Soul Club, Hedvig Larsson & Cutty Wren

There’s a special, magical spark that occurs when you get beloved musicians together at the right time and place. That’s exactly what happened when Swedish photographer/singer Hedvig Larsson and Mr. Cutty Wren from the UK gathered in the Bahama Soul Club studio in Algarve to lay down the vocals for “HangOut”.

What started out as a reggae-ish instrumental jam, a shimmy shuffle, with slightly jazzy, hangout vibes, was brought to life with the dreamy voice of Larsson and the distinctive toasting of Cutty Wren.

“HangOut” is a song dedicated to a small surfer’s bar close to the beaches of Sagres and the wonderful people around. ‘The HangOut’ is a magical place; chilled, lazy, warm. And so is the song …

Interwoven with threads of 70s roots, traditional rhythms & beats, and sounds from the end of the world at the South Western Algarve, “HangOut” is sincere, artistic, full of spirit and definitely unique. No striving for the worldly charts.

And maybe….it hints at a new Bahama Soul Club album on the way?

“HangOut” out via digital download on January 27th 2023 via Buyu Records