Hamburg Spinners drop sophomore full-length ‘Der Magische Kraken’

Nov 30th, 2021

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Hamburg Spinners drop sophomore full-length ‘Der Magische Kraken’

Der Magische Kraken is the second album of Hamburg Spinners, a contemporary soul, mod-jazz and R&B outfit based in Hamburg. Their sound blends floating Hammond organ lines, kinetic, driving grooves, funky breaks, and slicing, economic improvisation.

This time Hamburg Spinners left their home port for an underwater expedition to the open ocean diving for unheard tunes, finger snappers and floaters. Always in danger of encountering the ‘Magic Octopus’, a voracious entity who feeds on harmonies, rhythms and breaks -in a word the whole arsenal any musician is lost without and damned to drown in a sea of deadly silence and endless darkness.

The album was cut live on two weekends in April 2021 in Hamburg’s Yeah!-Yeah!-Yeah!-Studios. The chemistry was right and in a truly democratic process ideas were fleshed out, arrangements were done on the spot. A will to collective playing whilst always sticking to the rudimentary basics was in the air. Thus the music could spread out like the arms of an octopus. Reminiscences of down-to-the-bone songs by Timmy Thomas or Phoenix might come to one’s mind when listening to the new Hamburg Spinners album.

Never change a winning team: Meyer‘s soulful organ sound is buoyed by Rux’s warm and gripping guitar sound, Nesselhauf’s dynamic bass lines and Kochbeck‘s tight in-the-pocket drumming.

“Der Magische Kraken” on LP / Digital on December 3rd 2021 via Légère Recordings