Ghost Funk Orchestra release new instrumental ‘Asphalt Homeland’

Apr 1st, 2021

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Ghost Funk Orchestra release new instrumental ‘Asphalt Homeland’

Ghost Funk Orchestra is the brainchild of producer, musician, composer & arranger Seth Applebaum. What started as a one-man recording project has now evolved into a 10-piece powerhouse live band based in New York City that forges new territory and blurs the line between soul and psychedelia.

Following two albums, on Colemine Records and their offshoot Karma Chief, the band now teams up with German-based label Golden Rules to release their latest single, instrumental “Asphalt Homeland” available in all digital stores from April 2nd.

Sitting at the crossroads between soul, jazz, psychedelia and movie score, “Asphalt Homeland” is a laidback track with lush orchestration that comprises drums, electric guitar, bass, hypnotic flute flourishes, and a violin solo at the end. Once again defying genre specifications, Ghost Funk Orchestra deliver a soothing soundtrack to our divisive times.

So sit back, dim the lights and push play…

“Asphalt Homeland” out on Digital download on April 2nd via Golden Rules