German funk kings The Mighty Mocambos drop live album ‘Scénarios’

Oct 28th, 2022

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German funk kings The Mighty Mocambos drop live album ‘Scénarios’

Hamburg’s deep funk kings The Mighty Mocambos are known for their intuitive recordings that capture the energy of a live show, and with new live album Scènarios they go all the way, delivering a steaming hot selection of performances captured on tape!

Scénarios is a unique longplayer by Germany’s Funk champions The Mighty Mocambos: a wild journey through iconic performances captured on 8-track tape, including celebrated versions of breakdance favourites likeAxel F. and “Let The Music Play” as well as brand new original material composed especially for recordings in unusual settings.

Just before the pandemic, the group recorded an in-store live session at legendary Hamburg record shop Groove City and taped an impromptu performance at JAM PDM! breakdance battle in Potsdam. Both were released on vinyl 45s, quickly sold out and became secret weapons for DJs. While most bands shifted their stage to the studio in 2020, producing an abundance of isolated lockdown-inspired material, The Mighty Mocambos –never shy of an antidote- took the mobile version of their recording studio on the road.

With no audience allowed at the Pitt Hopkins Music Session charity concert, the group used the occasion to compose meditative folk-soul instrumentals to be performed exclusively on stringed instruments. Sweaty funk does not work via video stream, but the format provided a welcome opportunity to create something entirely different. Even without electricity and drums, the cinematic “Four Two Three” and “Silent Heroes” are unmistakably recognizable as Mocambo themes..

When you follow Nina Simone‘s credo that an “artist’s duty is to reflect the times”, it became evident that once the world slowly started opening up again, further concerts would be captured on the group’s portable Fostex R-8 tape machine. Luckily, restrictions fell on the very evening that the band hit the open air stage at the Import Export in Munich on September 11th 2021. The extended afrobeat-inspired jam on J.J. Cale’s “Carry On” witnesses people celebrating and dancing together again for the first time after a year and the manic “Munich Psycholympics” unleashes all bottled-up energies that had being lying dormant.

The slightly kafka-esque Ghost Walk was taped during a soundcheck for a concert that was eventually called off for safety reasons, reflecting once more the uncertainty of the time. The last scénario sees The Mighty Mocambos returning to a packed indoor venue, playing “Let The Music Play” to an audience of b-boys and -girls –a testament to the sheer power of music. Featured as an encore here, an acoustic version of “Where Do We Go From Here?” (originally recorded with Lee Fields) closes the record and its restless voyage through unusual recording situations.

‘Scénarios’ out on LP Digital on October 28th 2022 via Mocambo Records