German deep funk machine My Trippin’ Mojo’s debut ‘Edda’s Garden’

Nov 3rd, 2016

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German deep funk machine My Trippin’ Mojo’s debut ‘Edda’s Garden’

German outfit My Trippin’ Mojo dust off the classic sound of late 60s and early 70s funk & soul with their debut album “Edda’s Garden“, entirely recorded onto analog tape.

Founded in Leipzig in 2014, the band came together through their shared love of raw funk and deep soul, paying homage to the original sound of the genre represented by such contemporary artists as Sharon Jones , Charles Bradley and Lee Fields , while giving it their own fresh and personal spin.

The code words here are: heavy drums, funky basslines, vibrant brass section, sharp guitars, often filtered by a skillful use of the wah-wah pedal. Sabrina Bormann’s voice, sometimes warm and lamenting such as in single “Make ‘Em Pass“, and sometimes raw and scratchy like in album opener “Star Babe“, comes full circle creating an orchestra of unstoppable grooves. From the uptempo heavy funk of scorcher “Desire” to the stripped-down, mellow vibes of “Unconditional Love“, this debut full-length sets the bar at a remarkable level for such a young band.

The use of original vintage recording tools, including old microphones and dusty tape machines perfectly conforms to My Trippin’ Mojo’s attitude and artistic direction, letting the listener grasp every little shade of their playing so as to be completely immersed in their world. 10 tracks full of love, emotion, soul and heavy kicks.

“Edda’s Garden” out on LP / Digi on November 4th via Resistant Mindz