My Trippin’ Mojo


What they say…

“Soulful as hell!”

Flea Market Funk





My Trippin’ Mojo is an up and coming funk & soul band from Leipzig, Germany, featuring heavy drums, a blazing horn section, deep bass lines, and fuzzy wah wah guitar. The group was founded in 2014 and is inspired by the raw, analog sounds of the late 1960s and early 1970s, which they capture by recording their music straight to tape via old microphones and dusty tape machines.

This groovin’ combo developed through years of playing improvised funk instrumentals, with each musician coming from different experiences and fields of musical production. Mojo‘s bass player Johannes Riedel also works under the alias ReedFlavor and is the founder of label Resistant Mindz, guitar player Christoph Mengel often embarks on electronic adventures under the name Chris Medleigh, lead singer Sabrina Bornmann writes, sings and plays since childhood, while Lukas Kamutzki on drums/percussion, Marcus Unger on saxophone/rhodes and Manuel Löschner on trumpet/flugelhorn complete the lineup.

The common thread tying it all together is each member’s love for artists such as James BrownSharon JonesCharles Bradley and Lee Fields (to name a few). But it’s not just the groove that brings energy to the music, it’s also the sound. That’s why Gabriel Roth‘s statement “Shitty is pretty” became a mantra and Johannes Riedel recorded the band in his analog studio. With their debut full-length “Edda’s Garden” geared for release in November, My Trippin’ Mojo are ready to let the world know about this young and enthusiastic outfit!

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