Funksters Lexsoul Dancemachine are here for your ‘Entertainment’

Apr 10th, 2020

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Funksters Lexsoul Dancemachine are here for your ‘Entertainment’

Lexsoul Dancemachine has set stages ablaze since 2013, so they know a thing or two about “Entertainment”. On the second single from her upcoming album “Lexplosion II”,  our heroes reveal their soulful side, though. This slow-burner is a meditation on their past as well as on showbiz in general. After 7 years of putting on lexplosive shows it feels as though the dionysian party gods took time off to contemplate. Reflective like the liters of sweat poured during Lexsoul‘s live gigs, this one will be a staple in the silky smooth soul playlists.

The accompanying video is cut together by Moonika Põdersalu who got handed a huge bunch of archive footage. She went through the clips from the band’s UK tour, début album presentation show and festivals like Funky Elephant, Imagina Funk and Intsikurmu. Take the journey with the band that has yet to leave a crowd standing still – and make sure to visit their show when they can start gigging again in this nu reality.

“Entertainment” is out Digitally on April 10th via Funk Embassy Records