‘Der Magische Kraken’ by mod jazz quartet the Hamburg Spinners

Oct 25th, 2021

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‘Der Magische Kraken’ by mod jazz quartet the Hamburg Spinners

“Der Magische Kraken” (“The Magic Octopus”), is the first single from the next episode of the Hamburg Spinners story, and the titletrack of their upcoming second album.

This time German mod jazz / soul-jazz quartet Hamburg Spinners leave their home port for an underwater expedition to the open ocean, diving for unheard tunes, finger snappers and floaters. Always in danger of encountering the Magic Octopus, a voracious entity who feeds on harmonies, rhythms and breaks – in a word the whole arsenal any musician is lost without and damned to drown in a sea of deadly silence and endless darkness… Listen yourself, enter a different world and witness how the Hamburg Spinners are getting carried away and drawn into the depths. A 20.000-mile plunge into the sea. Honestly! Had you ever thought that one can sink this low?

Der Magische Kraken is the sophomore album of the Hamburg Spinners, a contemporary soul, mod-jazz and rhythm n blues outfit based in Hamburg. Their sound blends floating Hammond organ lines, kinetic, driving grooves, funky breaks, and slicing, economic improvisation. The quartet features Carsten Meyer on Hammond B-3, Dennis Rux on guitar, David Nesselhauf on bass, and Lucas Kochbeck on drums.

Never change a winning team: Meyer‘s soulful organ sound is buoyed by Rux’s warm and gripping guitar sound, Nesselhauf’s dynamic bass lines and Kochbeck‘s tight in-the-pocket drumming.

“Der Magische Kraken” out Digitally on October 29th via Légère Recordings