Crowd Company’s final single takes things in ‘A New Direction’

Jan 15th, 2020

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Crowd Company’s final single takes things in ‘A New Direction’

“A New Direction” is the final single extracted from the upcoming new Crowd Company album “Lowdown” dropping on January 31st. The single has a bright 60s soul funk vibe combined with soulful hook laden vocals by band leader and guitar player Robert Fleming and punchy horns from Ryan Zoidis & Eric Bloom, the horn section of Grammy nominated band LettuceAlan Evans (Soulive) co-produced the song and makes a guest appearance on percussion and backing vocals.

“A New Direction” was premiered by Craig Charles on his “hot in 2020” show on BBC 6, and is sure to follow up on the success of the previous three singles: instrumental car-chase workout Express 76, sister funk titletrack Lowdown and retro-flavored soul stormerStories.  The new full-length was recorded at Iron Wax Studio, Millers Falls MA, and was mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Studio in Los Angeles.  This third studio album sees Crowd Company take things to a new level with rich song-writing combined with catchy hooks, inventive vocal performances and tight grooves.

A New Direction out Digitally on Jan 17th via Vintage League Music