Caribbean soul by Sebah in second album ‘Speak With Your Heart’

Feb 14th, 2023

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Caribbean soul by Sebah in second album ‘Speak With Your Heart’

French singer and guitarist Sebah releases his second solo album Speak With Your Heart, composed of 13 uplifting songs of Caribbean soul that are at the same time conscious and deep, offering a message of positivity and confidence that Sebah hopes can inspire the world.

Speak With Your Heart is an album of pure good vibes: a mix of soul and Caribbean flavors created high in the Mountains in the South of France, recorded and composed by Sebah and his friends in an idyllic location while the rest of the world was struggling with the Covid epidemic.

Album opener “L’Homme Dans le Miroir” (The man in the mirror), is the only track on the album in Sebah‘s native language of French, and is a song of deep introspection and self-analysis that blends reggae-soul with an RnB / hip hop style.

Both She Keeps Her Eyes Dry” and Mama Said” are tributes to his beloved mother, a constant source of inspiration and support. She was the daughter of an Afro-Caribbean soldier from the colonies who gave his life for his country, and she brought up Sebah and his brothers after the tragic death of their father.

Do Your Best encourages people to present their best side even when the world around them may seem confused and negative. While A Letter” is an afrobeat message of pacifist rebellion full of hope, a stream of consciousness over a jazzy groove.

“Purity and Holiness” is a catchy and moving melody written at the birth of Sebah‘s niece, with his wishes for the ideal world he hopes she will grow up in. Generous Man is an uncomplicated song that mixes gospel and pop and outlines who Sebah wants to be as a man.

“Only Actions Count” is a groovy mix of old and new school vibes featuring the George Benson-esque guitar playing of French guitar virtuoso Steve Laffont. The song is a call to action, inviting us to follow through with things all the way.

“I’m Not Looking Back” is a hark back to Sebah‘s reggae roots and speaks of the idyllic mountain scenario where the album was recorded, it can be considered a kind of bridge between Sebah’s previous album and this one.

“Good Morning Sun” speaks of a return to the essential, in an attempt to relearn the simple pleasures that life offers us once you can see past all the everyday clutter that can leave us blind to what really matters.

‘Speak With Your Heart’ out digitally on February 17th via self-release