A glittery groove from Canadian neo soul artist Aphrose on ‘YaYa’

Jul 7th, 2023

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A glittery groove from Canadian neo soul artist Aphrose on ‘YaYa’

With her unbelievable vocal range, 70’s Soul era informed sound, and captivating rhythms, Canadian artist, Aphrose, (Joanna Mohammed) delivers Neo-Soul at its very best. Her dazzling, modern take on R&B and Soul features the authenticity of interactive live instruments with untouched vocal dexterity that nearly personify her sound.

Written by Aphrose and her longtime production team SafeSpaceship (Scott McCannell, Chino De Villa, Ben Macdonald) who also play the instruments on the track, “YaYa” marks the first non-vocal production credit Aphrose receives, as she helped program the 808 drum machine on the song. With its glittery groove, Aphrose‘s new single glowingly personifies the feeling of being in love. The feel-good, uptempo song features an inescapable rhythm that envelopes listeners in exuberant harmonies, celebratory lyrics, and a flourishing melody.

Given the classic Aphrose treatment, “YaYa” is notably infused with styles from different music eras, uniting 70’s Soul, 80’s Roller-Disco, and 90’s House vocal harmonies. A love song that steers clear of the negatives in relationships, “YaYa” focuses on joyful infatuation, using universal elements that include the sun, moon, stars, and gravity to paint the picture of a feeling as brilliant as the night sky.

“YaYa” features Scott McCannell on bass, synth, and drum programming, Chino De Villa on drums, synth, and drum programming, Ben Macdonald on keys and synth, and Kyla Charter alongside Aphrose on BGVS. With the funky bounce of the bass, shimmering keyboards, and the intricate vintage timbre of the drums, “YaYa” is a standout, sticky and sweet masterpiece that feels as good as it sounds.

Out on 7”, backed by previous single Good Love, this track anticipates Aphrose’s upcoming album Roses, scheduled for release in September 2023.

“YaYa” out on 45 / digital download on July 7th 2023 via LRK Records