Shimmering single ‘Good Love’ by Canadian neo soul artist Aphrose

May 19th, 2023

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Shimmering single ‘Good Love’ by Canadian neo soul artist Aphrose

Bathed in rhythmic percussion, shimmering synth, and a wall of lush harmonious vocals, “Good Love” is a vintage soul ballad about finding the right person, taken from Canadian artist Aphrose’s upcoming second album Roses, scheduled for release in the Fall of 2023 on LRK Records.

“Good Love” delivers the delightful, invigorating musical magic of live instrumentation, player collaboration, and the subtle intricacies that tie the sounds of soul with a bow. A song that celebrates the search and ultimate discovery of the right love, “Good Love” creatively evokes the feelings the track journeys through, communicating to the listener through both lyric and instrumentation.

Taking listeners through the difficulty of finding love, and the occasional need for reassurance, Aphrose‘s newest single tenderly reaffirms that finding “Good Love” is not only possible, but exceptional when the time comes. Aphrose‘s stunning range crosses the vocal stratosphere, with both a lead and background performance that packs the powerful punch of soul’s female giants, showcasing her astonishing range, and complete vocal control.

Replicating the warmth of the 70’s – a time when listeners could almost feel a sound, “Good Love” could easily play between “Lady In My Life” and any track from Songs In The Key Of Life. Rhythmically glistening with percussive and vocal interplay, Aphrose‘s new singlesoffers an enchanting back to the height of Soul, and forward to her glowing take on it.

“Good Love” out on digital download on May 19th 2023 via LRK Records