Wild Bounce release new single / video about immigration ‘One Shot’

Dec 10th, 2021

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Wild Bounce release new single / video about immigration ‘One Shot’

It was a sunny Sunday in Barcelona, when Daniele Carmosino (Italy) first met Mabreezee (Angola / Portugal). The electronic duo has been collaborating and creating music ever since, with the intention of meshing the vibrant sounds of reggae, soul and hip hop with tropical electronic vibes. Collaborations always begin with experimentation and craft and they both share a love for samples, crackles, analogue synths, live instruments and drum machines. Wild Bounce is danceable, fresh and unique.

Based around a steady 4 on the floor kick drum, new single “One Shot” is the result of one of their sessions. The organic rhythm is crafted by all kinds of shuffled percussions, creating a groove that feels tribal as well as jazz. These crossover atmospheres are also reinforced by the wise use of the classic 70s sound of the Prophet 10, an upright jazzy piano stab all glued together by a sticky electric bass line.

The song describes the very current struggle that immigrants face when leaving behind their old life in pursuit of a better one, and it comes accompanied by an intriguing and evocative music video. The track is released on Danca, the music production house founded by Daniele Carmosino that recently also became a record label. Based in Barcelona/Spain, it releases an eclectic array of music that goes from funk to soul, to experimental soundtracks.

“One Shot” out on digital download on December 10th via Danca