Third single ‘Südasuvised ööd’ from Haldi & ans Flamingo’s EP

Jul 10th, 2024

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Third single ‘Südasuvised ööd’ from Haldi & ans Flamingo’s EP

With it, Haldi & ans Flamingo provide the soundtrack for the most enjoyable time of the year in Estonia, when the Sun doesn’t really set.

We see the 10-piece band put to good use here, with beautiful flute arrangements and layers of vocals that seem to be a staple in Haldi‘s songwriting. With her first two singles Haldi & ans Flamingo has garnered lots of praise and radio airplay, so it seems that singing in Estonian is not holding back from international attention: “My first Haldi & ans Flamingo experience was during Tallinn Music Week and I was immediately hooked. I couldn’t stop dancing and the songs stayed in my head for months!”

Haldi & ans Flamingo take the groove that was once locked behind the Iron Curtain and give it a new life. With artists’ creations and dance floors unmonitored, the 10-piece can make you dance without the fear that your car-buying privileges are taken away when caught. While young, Haldi is well-aware of how it was, when soul, funk and disco started creeping into the estrada music of Estonia’s 1970.-1980s. She believes the style deserves a second chance.

Songwriting duties are filled by Haldi herself as well as bassist-producer Mattias Tirmaste. Excellent sensibility is needed to do something authentic in the funk-soul-disco-jazz styles. A lot of it has been done. Since Haldi is a scholar of Estonian female artists like Marju Kuut, Els Himma and Velly Joonas – she has got the right recipe. So, Haldi & ans flamingo deliver something for the fans of Funk Embassy’s “Groove of ESSRcompilation series. It’s an extension of Estonian Soviet era into the free world where a woman can sing about sex and love.

“Südasuvised ööd” out digitally on July 10th 2024 via Funk Embassy Records