The New Mastersounds invite you to ‘Do The Sausage Roll’

Feb 16th, 2024

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The New Mastersounds invite you to ‘Do The Sausage Roll’

The UK’s heroes of soul-jazz The New Mastersounds are back with new single Do The Sausage Roll”, the first track to be lifted from the band’s upcoming full album Old School, due out on March 29th 2024. The single is written, arranged and performed by the four band members Eddie Roberts, Simon Allen, Pete Shand and Joe Tatton at Joe‘s studio in the English Peak District and was mixed by Eddie at Color Red Studios in Denver, Colorado.

The tune, such as it is, sounds very much like so many previous NMS ditties in the “souljazz-meets-four-to-the-floor” category, in other words, this is NMS flexing their muscles on what is their trademark sound. The groove alternates between faux-disco-house and an urgent cod-Latin and the melody is played on a Hammond organ, with a smoldering solo from Joe over the A section, that starts out sparse and percussive, building, as always, to busy and screamy, until guitarist Eddie tags in over the B section with his signature soloing style (think Melvin Sparks on a good day or Grant Green on a bay day) for 32 bars before mercifully cueing the outro. This might work on a really specialist dancefloor at a retro-jazz theme night for old people, but it will almost certainly baffle anyone born after 1990.

The title “Do The Sausage Roll” clearly implies a response to some kind of hip, teen dance craze. A more imaginative and/or ambitious band might have devised some clever choreographed moves and filmed themselves performing for TikTok, but that would probably have triggered various debilitating age-related injuries. Besides, none of them knows how TikTok works.

“Do The Sausage Roll” out Digitally on Feb 16th 2024 via One Note Records