Sunbörn in collaboration with Caio Marcio on single ‘Beach Chase’

Mar 3rd, 2023

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Sunbörn in collaboration with Caio Marcio on single ‘Beach Chase’

Remember the sunny summer days when the wind catches your beach ball and you chase after it up and down the dunes? “Beach Chase” is a track with a sun-kissed feeling that dwells on enjoying life’s easy moments, and this is reflected in its laid-back, carefree vibe. The trombone-led melody adds a warm, rich sound, while a melodic moog-bass adds a counterpoint to the slowly developing melody. The percussion and flutes provides lively, energetic accents and the overall vibe is both relaxing and upbeat.

Whether you’re actually at the beach or just dreaming of a sunny day, Sunbörn want to put a smile on your face with a moment of easy living. Special guest on a riveting acoustic guitar solo is Brazilian guitar virtuoso Caio Marcio.

The Kutimangoes changed their name to Sunbörn with the idea of conquering the world music scene – all over the world – for real. Their first album under their new moniker will be the self-titled Sunbörn released on Tramp Records in April 2023.

“Beach Chase” out digitally on March 3rd 2023 via Tramp Records