Soul Sugar covers Curtis Mayfield’s classic ‘The Makings Of You’

Feb 25th, 2024

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Soul Sugar covers Curtis Mayfield’s classic ‘The Makings Of You’

Under the Soul Sugar guise, virtuoso organist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Guillaume Metenier continues to serve up wonderfully authentic musical meditations on classic dub and reggae-infused songs and instrumentals in anticipation of his upcoming new album Just A Little Talk, scheduled for release on March 15th 2024 on his own Gee Recordings.

Recorded in between France and Jamaica, the latest single lifted from the new album is a take on Curtis Mayfield’s classic “Makings Of You”, re-framed as a languid roots-reggae song voiced by Leo Carmichael, a returning guest and collaborator who already supplied his honeyed vocals to previous covers “Why Can’t We Live Together”, “I Want You” and “Never Too Much”.

The backing track is a lush and tight 70s-sounding reggae groove drenched in soul harmonies and full of analog vibes, featuring impeccable performance and fine musicianship by Tim, Yvo and Guillaume. Expect vintage, soulful reggae of the highest order! And this digital single comes with an exclusive dub mix made by Metenier himself!

“The Makings Of You” out Digitally on February 23rd 2024 via Gee Recordings